Monday, January 28, 2008

A step in the right direction

We reached Corn Buck
about eight this morning.
T began to clear the land
below the mango trees,
in the centre of the garden,
where the soil is heavy
and the drains are deep.
My shoulder muscles are
still a little sore and, not
wanting to strain them again, I took my paints and sat

and studied the middle mango.
While waiting for paint to dry,
I helped T remove the vine
from the coconut and fig trees
and burned, the now very dry,
We left with eight big, almost
ripe, bunches of bananas,
which T's dad suggested we
sell, together with the grapefruit,
as an income for us. Nice.
We brought the bananas home
and T showed me how to cut them from the stalk and
put them to ripen beneath sheets of newspaper. I was
delighted to see it was 'The Financial Times'. I take
this as a good omen. Our resolve is strengthened with
encouragement and approval. T is happy and so am I.
Time to come, we will build a ripening shed in the garden.

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