Monday, February 25, 2008

A bit behind with the blog but not the work.

February 13th 2008
T forks around the
blugga trees
above the river
where the soil
is soft and sandy
and where i make
and sow
the carrot beds.

T makes a drain
for the spring,
where he finds
a loca, a river serpent,
that I am too slow
to photograph,

before it disappears
beneath the mud.

We transfer

the tomato seedlings

to their new home

above the mango trees.

I hope they will be

happy here,

it is a bit hot

and exposed.

February 20th 2008

T cleared the vine
and bush from the
hill below the
sentinel stones and I cut
bamboo sticks for
the tomato plants.

T in his new


garden hat.

February 25th 2008.
We cleared this
area of stones and bush
and removed
old and diseased
fig trees.
T forked and I made
a bed for rocket.

T threw together

another shade/shelter,

planted dasheen in
the drain while I thinned
the carrots, that were planted
by the blugga trees
justbehind him
in this picture

and these strange looking
were relocated.

Will look them up here.

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