Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Of Irrigation and Cocoa

I have sadly neglected
this blog and am cross
with myself for having
done so. It was not my
intention, just time and
stuff, I suppose. Not to
say that Corn Buck has
been neglected, quite the
opposite in fact. We have
been able to abandon all
chemicals and now fertilize
using only the pen manure
from the cow.The irrigation
system that T set up has
been invaluable with the
dry spell that has been in
evidence this last week
or so. No real dry season this
year so far but the basil were
glad of the extra wetting.

The highlight of my week
was purchasing a cocoa knife,
something I have longed for.
Finally, I am able to pick
cocoa unaided. The trees
themselves are few and far
between, old and diseased
and damaged by Ivan, but I
am very fond of them and
love making our very own
hot chocolate.

T cut a long bamboo
and fixed the knife on
the end and reminded me
how to use it and how to
tell the pods that are ready
from the ones that are
The knife has two blades,
one straight edge that you
push up to cut and one
hooked, that you pull,
depending on which is
appropriate for the
individual pod.
Sometimes a combination
of both methods.
It is also helps if you
cutlass below the tree first
in order to see where the pods

Beautiful aren't they?
Just to crack and
put them to dry


islandgal246 said...

I was wondering what had happened to you and am glad that you have posted. Keep it up because we are interested in your garden at Corn Buck.

zooms said...

Hi islandgal, thanks for your kind words, and I will, keep it up that is.x