Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Cocoa time again

 Today we went up
to pick cocoa again.
The new bamboo rod,
(the last one having
broken when the
breadfruit tree at home,
fell on it)
was still a bit heavy
for me, so T picked
and I picked up.
We put the pods
in a fine bag and
T put each load
below the mango
It was a cool,
cloudy day with
a few sprinkles,
sunny interludes
and as always
it felt lovely
to be up here,
working together,
at our own pace
in our own time
with just the river
the cow the dog
and the birds
for company.

Once we had
picked all, we sat
in the shade
under the mango
tree, where I cracked
the pods
and T emptied
the beans into the

1 comment:

jean said...

Love the cocoa pictures. But, oh dear, the calf in your header looks starved and dehydrated. I hope it isn't yours.