Thursday, April 3, 2008

So far so good.

We have tomatoes

with bamboo sticks

for support.

We have basil

and some more

the variety is
Heat Master
and very deserving
of the name,
having withstood
the dry season

We have dwarf beans,

turmeric planted
in these new beds

two of the
purple Chinese beans
have sprouted,
( I may have planted
them a little too deep)

new carrot beds,

did I mention

The siphon from
the river is working.

More tomatoes,

Oh, sorry, the
bamboo and
big stones
looked so lovely in
the late afternoon

more tomatoes,

cive beds are
doing nicely,


two varieties of

Sweet potatoes,

6 week
sweet potatoes,

the original carrot beds
together with padaje leaf
as weed suppressant
and moisture keeper.

The second carrot beds
newly weeded today.

More sweet potato

cucumber growing
happily, in the ashes,

and finally,
more sweet potato.


Nicole said...

That's quite a lot of veggies! Baby rocket leaves are my favourite. Esp with just a vinaigrette, or with some crumbled blue cheese and nuts. You could try rocket pesto, too.

zooms said...

Good idea Nicole, I'll give the pesto a try.