Tuesday, April 29, 2008


T organised a larger
water collector for
the hose which seems
to be working
We have had no rain
and everywhere
is very dry.
I watered the carrots,
which are almost
ready to harvest,
T the new lettuce
and okra beds.
25lbs of beans.
were picked, which
makes a total
of 43lbs since Saturday.
There are nutmeg, mangoes, okra, cucumber, cabbage, basil and rocket.


Minerva said...

This looks interesting. What is it?

zooms said...

Hi Minerva, welcome to nutmeg, you can make jelly from the fruit, the red peeking through is mace and the nut is inside the hard shell underneath. So now you know.
Grenada has the best nutmeg in the whole wide world but Hurricane Ivan set us back a bit.

Nicole said...

Those nutmegs look marvelous-I'd love a nutmeg tree! I hear that that leaves are also used in cooking. next time I am in Greneda...