Thursday, May 7, 2009

Happy Days

We almost finished
weeding the lettuce
and the pak choy
this morning.

I prefer to weed and mole
as I go

and T likes to weed all
and then mole.

After an early lunch,
we made the rounds
and picked nutmeg
and mangoes with our
all time favourite
fruit picker.

Whilst taking some shade
and a five under the Julie,
we sat and admired T's
ability to persuade water
to run uphill,
all the way from the river,
which is way down below
the shed, the roof of which
can just be seen below him.

The cow was happy too.


Nicole said...

Hi-the huazontle etc were eaten by insects, so I was unable to harvest any, far less get the seeds I promised you. Hopefully I'll get another crop this winter.

The Bishop's Lady said...

I am an organic gardener in Spokane, Washington (the northwest part of the United States.) I just discovered your blog and find it very interesting, especially that you are not using chemicals any longer. I also read that you are having some mildew problems. This can be solved by mixing 1 part skim milk to 7 parts water and spraying the plant with this mixture as often as you need to. It works beautifully!!! Actually you can use whole or non fat milk, but skim and non fat leave no odor. I use this all the time and it really works. I do not use any fertilizer or chemicals and only work with Nature in my gardens. Adding manure and compost is the best food for the soil. I have lots of Lady Bugs, Praying Mantis, Green Lacewings, and wasps that kill the destructive bugs. I wrote a blog for the environment for two years, but this past winter, I began a new blog about my home and will be adding more information about the environment and my gardens soon. I wish you all the best Nature has to offer in your life and garden.